About Us
Founded in 2009, Xerophyta sushi is at the forefront of the sushi industry by offering its ever increasing customer base a fast, fresh sushi product. We have taken an Eastern favourite and given it a Western twist, without losing the essence or flavour of this wholesome and traditional food.

Xerophyta Sushi is a South Africa based company that has changed the way the public view sushi by making it fast, healthy food that everyone can enjoy, adults and children alike. So far, we have 26 sushi bars running nationwide. You can find us in selected supermarkets, both in Spar and Checkers stores. We are one of biggest sushi suppliers in South Africa.

Xerophyta Sushi has and always will provide to its customers the freshest, tastiest and best quality take away sushi in a friendly and hygienic environment. Our commitment to detail, quality and service assures our customers a superior product which is consistent and of the highest quality. Xerophyta Sushi will continue to carry this same promise throughout our ever expanding retail outlets.

Xerophyta sushi is focused on fast food industry, but not only on fast food. Our first restaurant will open soon. The customers will have another option to enjoy our sushi.